KD Fondovi


  • Safe investment of money.
  • High rates of return on sight deposit.
  • Possibility to manage the funds at any time.
  • No charges for maintaining an account and for return calculation.

Basic features

Term deposit period

Sight deposit

Minimum deposit

Without restrictions



Rate of return


Competitive to the interest rates on term deposits 2.2% annually, as of 30.09.2017.

Calculation and accumulation of return

On a daily basis for every day of the year.

Increase / Decrease of the deposit

Unlimited deposit increase. Additionally invested funds are added to the existing deposit, and the return is calculated on the total amount. 

Unlimited withdrawal. Part of the funds or total deposit together with the calculated return to that moment can be withdrawn at any time. 


  • Possibility of payment via e-banking.
  • Obtaining a free statement by e-mail.
  • Submitting a request for withdrawal of funds by e-mail.
  • Payment for one business day on a transaction account.

Note: The displayed values are of informative character and are not binding for the management of the Company. The rate of return is variable over time and depends on the results of the fund operations where the assets are invested, and of the duration of the investment. Returns made in the past are not an indication of the possible future return. For preparation of an individual calculation, please fill the CONTACT FORM on the web-site www.kdfondovi.mk .