Maestro debit card

Simple cash changeover

Maestro debit card is connected to your transaction account in the Bank and offers the following advantages:

  • better security – no need to carry a huge cash amount
  • simple payment regardless of the currency
  • possibility to change the PIN at an ATM

Cash withdrawal in Macedonia and in countries where the Group is present

  • no commission for cash withdrawal from Sparkasse Bank Makedonija ATMs
  • no commission for cash withdrawal from the Group ATMs in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro,Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Moldova.
  • cash withdrawal with commission worldwide from ATMs labeled Maestro

How do I apply?

Maestro Debit is issued only if you have a transaction account in the Bank, i.e. you have to be a client in the Bank. It is simple to open an account, you can do it in the closest branch of the Bank by concluding a Transaction Account Agreement.

You can take the payment card and PIN from the branch where you have applied within 5-7 working days as of the application date. When withdrawing cash, it is necessary to activate the payment card in the branch. After the activation, you can use your payment card easily.

Apply for a transaction account online


Select a transaction account according to your needs.


Arrange a meeting with an officer in a branch office


Suggest the term and the branch office that suit you most.


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