Risk free! 

Consumer loan in combination with life insurance.

Basic characteristics

Fixed interest rate for the first two years


Maximum amount

up to MKD 610,000


Up to MKD 300,000 without a guarantor

Interest rate


for the first 24 months

from 5,90%

(linked to the B3 interest rate)

after expiration of the fixed period

from 7,60%

Please use the calculator to obtain information estimate of the monthly installment for Risk Free consumer loan.

Security for the loan

Up to MKD 300,000 - without a guarantor

From MKD 300,001 to MKD 610,000 – 1 (one) creditworthy guarantor or notarized Loan Agreement

Mandatory additional security is the borrower’s life insurance policy purchased through the Bank and vinculated in favor of the Bank during the repayment period of the consumer loan.

*For notarization of the Agreement it is necessary that the spouse or close relative (brother, sister or parent) appear as co-debtor in the Loan Agreement.


Administrative costs

MKD 500 one-time charge for consumer loan application

Approval fee

0% promotional without commission for loan approval

Transfer of the salary in Sparkasse Bank Makedonija!

Persons who do not receive their salary in Sparkasse Bank Makedonija, and are willing to apply for this product, must file a statement that their salary will be transferred through the Bank within 45 as of the date of conclusion of the Loan Agreement.