Macedonian Stock Exchange

Brokerage services

Sparkasse Bank Makedonija AD Skopje provides to its clients use of brokerage services, i.e. access to securities of 108 domestic listed companies with total market capitalization over 2 billion euro. Denationalization bonds of the Republic of Macedonia are traded in the official market of the Macedonian Stock Exchange. In addition, investors can make transactions of shares in 500 more joint stock companies, traded in the Free Market of the Macedonian Stock Exchange.   

To provide better support to its clients in the trading process, the Bank offers opportunity for use of free information, including daily MSE trading report and fundamental analysis of listed companies.

On the following link you can find all securities traded in the Macedonian Stock Exchange.


To facilitate the trading process, the Bank enables its clients to use the E-Trader app that allows insight into real time trade, opportunity of electronic issue of buy and sell orders and insight into and overview of own transactions and portfolio at any time.  

Basic characteristics of this app are the following:

  • High level of security (use of a Personal Digital Certificate)
  • Simple use (completing orders, entry, modification, cancellation)
  • Overview of portfolio and cash status with current update
  • Overview of market data (price, depth, transactions)
  • Market monitoring and realization of orders in real time.

On the following link and via the Bank website you have direct access to the E-Trader app.

Portfolio management and investment consulting

Consulting and familiarizing with the investment opportunities in capital markets and management with the client’s funds.

Securities portfolio management

This service covers building a securities portfolio in and on behalf of the client by the Bank certified investment management consultant in order to achieve the specific investment objectives of the client through an adequate expected yield ratio and assumed risk level.

Through an individual approach to each client, Sparkasse Bank offers specifically tailored investment strategy for the client’s needs conditional to the client’s openness to risk, age, incomes, desired yield, investment horizon and personal needs.

Main objective of portfolio management is to ensure continuous success in the investment strategy by achieving the expected yield ratio to the accepted risk for the client.

Investment consulting

Investment consulting in Sparkasse Bank Makedonija is performed by certified investment management consultants of the Bank. In this parts the clients are provided detailed information related to the financial markets and securities depending on their individual needs.

Corporate securities services

Sparkasse Bank provides all securities services in compliance with the Securities Law of RM including the following corporate securities services:  

  • Organizing, preparing and purchasing emissions of securities on account of the securities issuer required for public offer of securities.
  • Acting as underwriter in listing for securities issuers, organizing and preparing the entire listing process in the Macedonian Stock Exchange;
  • Activities on account of third parties related to takeover of a joint stock company in compliance with the Law on Takeover of Joint Stock Companies.