Your new home can reflect the best of you!

Housing loan with fixed interest rate for the first 5 years.

Instant consumer loan

Fastest to 100.000 MKD

  • Fixed interest rate for the whole period
  • Fast and simple approval
  • No obligation to transfer salary on the account in the Bank


ECO loan for ECO home!

Improve energy efficiency in your home!


Application for mobile banking

SMS notification

Promotional until 31.12.2018:
Without fee for using the service in the first three months.

Youth package

 Relax with Fancy youth package.

  • Free "S-Banking" mobile banking
  • Free debit card- Mastercard Contactless
  • Without monthly fee for maintenance of transaction account
  • Free SMS notifications

My needs

Exchange rate list

Buying rateSelling rate

Simply way to get your new car!

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