Short-term limit loan

  • Fast process of approval products as part of the limit
  • Minimum necessary documentation
  • Numerous types of limit depending on your needs

If the nature of your regular business often requires use of various types of short-term products such as loans, denar and/or foreign currency letters of guaranties, letters of credit and etc., then the short-term limit loan is most suitable, fast and efficient solution for your needs.

The short-term limit loan allows you, for the shortest period, to use previously defined / agreed products, approved under the short-term limit loan – simply submit request to your financial representative in the Bank.

The sort-term limit loan will allow you to use:

All types of short-term products at a maturity of 12 months;

Short-term performance guarantees valid for 1 year (for timely and quality performance, warranty period guarantee, tender guarantee);

Payment guarantees for security of payment valid up to 12 months, with additional 3-month payment period;

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