Short-term revolving loan facility

  • use and repayment of the loan according to your needs
  • quick and simple withdrawal of funds by sending an email to a representative in the Bank
  • opportunity to refinance the loan

The short-term revolving loan facility is used for funding periodical needs for additional working capital, periodical maintaining liquidity and financing export transactions and preparing export.

Withdrawing money from the approved loan is fast and simple: by sending signed request to your financial representative via email for use of the part of the assets of the approved revolving loan facility indicating the amount, who will help you make the money available as soon as possible in line with your desires.

Basic characteristics

Repayment period

up to 12 months

Repayment terms

successively depending on your possibilities, and not later than the maturity date

Calculation of the interest

monthly or quarterly on the used part of the loan на искористениот дел од кредитот