Local community

Through numerous projects implemented to institutions and organizations that belong or whose activity is directed towards development of the local community, Sparkasse Bank contributes to the creation of additional values in the community where it operates, and at the same time allows realization of projects mainly focused on environment and cultural heritage protection and art development. As part of the community, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, religious communities and citizens' associations are included in protection of socially vulnerable groups.

Day care center for elderly people and home help center.

Sparkasse Bank and the City Red Cross of Skopje jointly joined the support of the elderly in the City of Skopje through the social service "Day Care Center for the Elderly and a Home Care Assistance Center". Sparkasse Bank is one of the donors of this project, but within this cooperation, part of the employees will be intensively involved in the field, which will practice on both the corporate and individual social responsibility.

Association of Animal Rights Activists

Sparkasse Bank Macedonia donated 30,000 MKD to AAPW to help homeless animals. The support and humanity towards homeless animals shows the social responsibility of the Bank, which will contribute to resolving the problems that affect the citizens, which is the decrease in the number of street animals.

With this act, Sparkasse Bank became involved in the long-standing struggle to reduce the number of homeless living things, because with the donated funds will be paid sterilization / castration, accommodation of several street puppies, their treatment and housing.

Sparkasse Bank is the first bank in Macedonia that opened its doors to domestic pets and become a pet-friendly bank.

Feed 1000!

Sparkasse Bank joined the action "Feed 1000", which involved all interested citizens and companies with food donations at several stands in the center of Skopje. Join, too!

Bearfest - Prilep

Beer Fest is a festival that takes place in the summer time in the city of Prilep, organized by the Municipality of Prilep and the business entities from the city. The festival is of open type and is held in the center of the city. Visitors come from all over the country and the neighboring countries. Known for good fun, barbecue, cold beer and of course after mass attendance. Sparkasse Bank became recognizable with the "Sparkastic Trip" that it organized in 2016 and its employees, clients and associates arrived with the branded train from Macedonian Railways.

World picnic day 2017

On the World Day of Cultural Diversity, yesterday in the City Park in Skopje, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the Council of Foreign Investors organized a humanitarian public event with authentic gourmet specialties from different countries.

Foreign investors coming from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, the United States, Slovenia, Turkey and Switzerland took the opportunity to socialize with the citizens and promote the gastronomy of the countries from where they come from the most authentic recipes from their national cuisines.

The day was enriched with content for the whole family, with lots of music, entertainment and animation for children.

Strumica Carnival 2017

One of the most attractive developments in the cultural life in Macedonia is the regular maintenance of the Strumica Carnival, which since 1995 the city of Strumica became a member of the family of the FECC-Association of European Carnival Cities.