Mastercard Debit Contactless

Simple and secure payment worldwide

Mastercard Debit Contacless is an international payment card which allows you to pay all around the world, withdraw cash up to the available balance on your account in accordance with the relevant limits.

With the Mastercard Debit Contactless your funds are available 24 hours a day no matter where you are at the moment. In addition, it is much simpler to use this card rather than queuing and withdrawing cash from the cash desk counter and you can control your monthly spending via E-Banking.

Cash withdrawal in Macedonia and in countries where the Group is present

  • no commission for cash withdrawal from Sparkasse Bank Makedonija ATMs
  • no commission for cash withdrawal from the Group ATMs in the following countries: Erste Bank and Sparkassen (Austria), Ceska Sporitelna (Czech Republic), Slovenska Sporitelna (Slovakia), Erste Bank Hungary incl. Postabank (Hungary), Erste & Steiermarkische Bank dd (Хрватска), Erste Bank Serbia (Србија), Erste Bank AD Podgorica (Montenegro), Banka Sparkasse dd (Slovenia), Sparkasse Bank dd (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Banka Comerciala Romana (Romania).
  • cash withdrawal with commission worldwide from ATMs labeled Mastercard.

How do I apply?

Mastercard Debit is issued only if you have a transaction account in the Bank, i.e. you have to be a client in the Bank. It is simple to open an account, you can do it in the closest branch of the Bank by concluding a Transaction Account Agreement.

You can take the payment card and PIN from the branch where you have applied within 5-7 working days as of the application date. When withdrawing cash, it is necessary to activate the payment card in the branch. After the activation, you can use your payment card easily.

Contactless payment

The contactless card possesses technical characteristics like the existing cards (magnetic stripe and chip) and has an embedded antenna that connects the card to the POS terminal.

Contactless cards use technology with highest level of security. The data exchanged during the transaction are encrypted, and the card remains in the client’s hands thus reducing the risk of loss, fraud or forgery.

The contactless payment method is globally accepted in any type of merchant, whenever it has the universal symbol of contactless payment.

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