Investment loans

  • Financing modernization, diversification and/or extension of your business
  • Purchase or building business facilities, land and/or storage space
  • Renewal or investment in a vehicle fleet
  • Possibility for investment in long-term assets with partial inclusion of an investment in a working capital
  • Refinancing own investments in long-term investments and etc
  • Possibility of 24-month grace period

Investment loans allow you to finance investments in modernization and/or extension of your business, diversification of products and production capacities, construction or purchase of your own business offices or storage space, construction sites, vehicle fleet and other fixed assets.

Investment loans allow you to finance investments in

  • modernization, diversification and/or extension of your business;
  • equipment with diversification in new or existing production capacities;
  • land, construction facilities and/or storage space;
  • vehicle fleet;
  • primary livestock;
  • construction of business capacities;
  • refinancing previous investments;
  • other fixed assets.

Basic characteristics

Loan amount

up to 70% Of the total investment value

Own participation

minimum 30%

Grace period

up to 12 months

Depending on the needs of your company, Sparkasse Bank offers you a wide range of different models of long-term lending.

The scope of your work grows the need for permanent working capital, the purchase of new machines, vehicles, etc.

On the road to the development of your company you need to buy or build a new office building, production plant, warehouse and / or office space.

The amount of interest rates and fees for all types of lending are determined by the Bank's competent bodies according to the Bank's Decision on interest rates and tariffs, and in accordance with the solvency of the client, the contribution to the Bank's income, the collateral instruments and the past experience of working with client.

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